DOC Records is an electronic music label headed by Gui Boratto.
I was approached by them in early 2015 to design and direct their online presence and Brand ID.



Doc Tips&Tricks is an online series where Techno legend Gui Boratto teaches his followers about the production of electronic music, wether it be using analog synths or software techniques.

I had a blast doing this project as it was my first time using octane renderer and I was able to take it from design and concepting phase all the the way to completion.


DOC WelcomeVideo

The concept of the opening video was to mix the beauty and busyness of Sao Paulo´s skyline with a vibrant and futuristic setting.

Director: Rodrigo Gusmao
DOP: William Praniski
Animators: Bruno Borio, Lucas Dal, Rodrigo Gusmão
Compositing: Rodrigo Gusmão

DOC Logo Animations

Series of logo animations I created for their youtube channel, as well as for Live shows.